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Insult One Liner Sms and Insult One Liner Quotes

Funny one liners to make fun of your friends.

Everyone's entitled to be stupid but you are abusing the priviledge.

Your face looks like you've been using it as a doorstop

Your face is such a mess, you must stop using it to hammer in nails


Your face is such a mess, why don't you get your dog something different to chew on ?

You've got the perfect weapon against muggers - yer face.

You should learn from your parents mistakes - try using some birth control.


You know when you are really too fat? When you are on the beach and Greenpeace carries you back to the sea.

You get plenty of exercise jumping to conclusions, pushing you luck, beating around the bush, and dodging the issue.

You couldn't warn to him even if you were both cremated together.

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