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Sad Sms and Sad Quotes

These sad sms strike a cord when you are in love or just separated

Tum na kaha tha k
aankh bhar k dakh lia karo


ab aankh bhar aati ha
par TUM nazar nhi aaty!

Qatil Qatal Kar Chuka Tha Tadrap Rahi thi Lash Meri,
Rooh Thi Meri Gardish Mein Phir bhi Thi Talash Teri....


Dhoond hi leta hai mujhe kisi na kisi bahane se
Dard waakif hogaya hai mere har thikaane se

Worst feeling in the world is knowing you
did the best you could, and it still wasn't
good enough :(

Ek Din Atitude Hum Bhe Dikhaynge.

Jee Bhar Ke Sab ko Hum Bhe Rulaynge.

Paidal Chal Rahe Honge Dost Sare.

Aur Hum Aaram Se Kandho Pe Let Kar jayenge...


Let me redefine heartbreaking :

A father killing his all desires to provide to the family & still feeling sad when he is sometimes unable to fulfill the wishes of his children cz he can't afford it.

Toote huye dil mein rehne ki koshish na kar,
Sukhe huye darkht pe parinde bhi basera nahi karte...

Hardest truth of life....
,,we always waite for our special one's to msg daily,
We dont know that they are busy with their special one.
Strange but true

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