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Miss You Sms and Miss You Quotes

Show ur friends how much you miss them with these Miss You SMS

Aisa nahi ki ab tum yaad nahi aate, Bas khudko kahi aur uljha ke rakhna seekh liya hai maine..

Cell phone in your hand,
Number at your fingertips,
Passed on to the screen...!!
Still knowing that
the green button
should not be pressed...
You just lost the rights
over that person....!! :((

The most sad thing about a
relationship is that u miss someone
but u cant say it,
U want to apologize but u don't have
the courage to...
U've to live with it everyday and still
have to pretend that everything is fine... (:


We think our memory is weak......
but jis se kbhi pyar kiya ho jb usko
bhoolna chaho


tab lagta hai jaise sari duniya ke
badaam humne hi kha liye ho :DD

Some day if i die.. don't think dat i forgot u....
just have a look towords sky!
my tears will be a rain drop on ur cheeks 2 say
"hey i m still with you!
I miss u sooooooo muchhhhhh.......:)

I heard someone whisper your name,
but when I turned around
to see who it was, I was alone.
Then I realized that it was
my heart telling me that I miss you..:((


When a very sweet
Close person goes to far from us,
we may or may not say

Our heart says to their heart
"You Made Me Alone"
Miss You !!

If I could only control time, I'll go back to the moment
where we 1st meet, not to change anything but just to
experience it all again. Miss You

You can miss someone who died ,
you can miss someone who moved away,
but the worst is when you miss someone you see

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