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Someone Asked Me:
What kind of person do I want to
Love ??
I just said-
"Someone who is not strong.
Not strong enough to let Me go."

Admit it The first time you fall in love it changes your life forever nd no matter how
hard you try tha feeling never goes away


True love isn't Romeo and Juliet who died together.
It's Grandma and Grandpa who grew old together.

I'm afraid of how vulnerable my love for you makes me - afraid that if you hurt me, how much more the guilt of it will hurt you

Jealously is the SI unit of true love.

It's amazing how crazy i feel when my phone
vibrates and I'm begging it to be you....!!!


Apparently, not too many people know but there is a
huge difference between having a girlfriend/
boyfriend and being in love.

Sometimes the best way to stay close to
someone you love is by being "just a friend" :')

I am hopeful that one day my accidental starring
would make you fall in love

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