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Yaadein   Shayari  

aaj toot kar uski yaad ayi to ehsaas huwa

utar jaye jo dil main woh bhuley nahi jate.....


I never want you to leave, I want you to stay here holding me.You put me through so many emotions that were unknown to me.It's hard to love someone who's in love with someone else, you have to ignore the pain and swallow your pride... Just to be a friend... Why we fall in love with the most unexpected person, at the most unexpected time..!!


Yaadein   Shayari  

Nikaal De DiL Se Khayal Uska!

Yaade Kisi Ki Taqdeer Badla Nahi Karti!


It creates goodwill and
a feeling of friendship.
A smile only takes a moment,
but its memory can last forever.
So share some smiles :)

Girl-Boy   Jokes  

Girl: Aajtak Tumne Kiss Nahi Kia Kiss Karona Muje
Boy: Nahi
Girl: Q Nahi?

Boy: Bade-Budhe Kah Gae He ki Aurato Ko Muh Nahi Lagana Chahiye.. ;-):P :P



A new metal is added to the chemistry............. ;)

Name: WIFE

Symbol: Bv

Atomic Weight: Don't even dare to ask!

Physical Properties :
-->Boils at any time
-->Can freeze at any time
-->Melts if treated with love and care
-->Very bitter if mishandled

Chemical properties :
-->Very reactive
-->Highly unstable
-->Possess strong affinity for gold, silver,diamond and platinum
-->Money reducing agent

Occurrence :
-->Mostly found in front of the mirror =))


Ek Baar Santa Cold drinks ki
per gaya Or Dukandar se bola..!!
Ek pepsi bottle kholo bhai..
Dukandar ne khol di.
Phir kaha aik 7-up bhi
Dukandar ne khol di.
Phir kaha aik sprite bhi kholo..
Dukandar ne khol di.
Phir kaha aik Mountain
Dew bhi
Dukandar ko gussa aya aur
Tu kaunsi piye ga mere baap..??
Santa : Bhaijan peeni to koi nhi
muje to ye bottle khulne ki
aavaj badi pasand hai..
thasssss... :p :D


raat dhalne lagi hai badan thakan se choor hai,
ae khyal-e-yar taras kha sone de mujhe....

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