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A Man saw a Poor Young Boy looking at his expensive Car.

He was in a good mood that day and so he offered him a drive

The Boy couldn't believe his luck and joined him

Boy: Car is marvelous…its so huge..What's the Cost ?

Man: I don't know Exactly..My Friend Gifted it

Boy: So Nice of Him

Man: I know what you are thinking..You also want to have a friend like him right?!

Boy: No, I want to BE THAT Friend …!!

Attitude Matters


Message for the Boys
Girl may not Help you to Get a Good

But, Salary may Help you to Get Lots
of good
So Love your Work Not Girls..



Kuch lamhe aye zindagi me kuch lamho ke liye,
Aaj fir tarste hai hum un lamho ke liye,
Khuda ne kaha kuch maang lo,
Maine kaha wo lamhe fir de do kuch Lamho ke liye..


Being an INDIAN I got first shock of my
life when my History
teacher told me that BC actually
meant Before Christ :P


Kabhi alfaaz bhul jau kabhi khayal bhul jaau,
Tujhe es kadar chahu k apni saans bhul jaau,
Uth kar tere paas se jo main chal doon,
Toh jaate huye khud ko tere paas bhul jaau..!!



Pappu ki Wife kidnap ho Gayi
Kidnappers ne Uski Wife ki Ungli kaat kar Bheji aur Phone karke Paise Mange
Pappu - Ungli toh kisi ki Bhi ho Sakti hai
Mundi Bhej Mundi ..
Kidnapper Shocked, Pappu Rocked ..

Funny   Slogan  

Best Slogans.....
1. Sign on a railway station at Patna: Aana
free, jaana free, pakde gaye to khana free.
2. Sign on a famous beauty parlor in
Mumbai-don't whistle at the gal going out
frm here. She may b ur grandmother!
3. Sign on a bulletin board- Success is
relative,More d success, more d relatives.
4. Sign at a barber's saloon in Juhu,
Mumbai- we need ur heads to run our
5. A traffic slogan- don't let ur kids drive if
they r nt old enough or else they never will b
6. THE BEST ONE- Its God's responsibility to
forgive d terrorist organizations. It's our
responsibility to arrange d meeting btween
them & god. - Indian Armed Forces..


We live in such a world where,

-If a guy is with 10 girlfriends he's a dude
And if a girl is with 2 friends who are boys
she's said to be a slut

-if a guy drinks he's cool and if a girl drinks
she's cheap

-if a guy is out for late nights he's asked by
people bout the plans for tonight and if a
girl is out she's been asked her rate for
one night

-A girl is expectd to forget a guy's past and
be with him
Where as if she speaks about her past
she's just a bitch to be played with.

-We live in a place where guys want their
sisters to be praised by the world and their
girlfriends who they can show off the

-A girl is not a thing, a girl is not a toy ,she
is priceless and a princess.

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