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Thinking of U Sms and Thinking of U Quotes

Let others know that you are thinking about them.

Cute One ^_^

Boy:- Watz d proof dat U miss me..?

Girl:- C my cheeks..

My mamma slapped me..

Coz i was smilling while sleeping..

Thinkng of U.

Whenever I think of u
This Question Comes to MY mind
Why Couldnt u LOve me???
Im still thinking of You

Whn Things go wrong
When i feel lyk dying
I always Think Of u
Ur memories Kp me Alive


Two of my friends were arguing as who is dear to me,,,
I was smiling silently thinking of you

Today I caught myself smiling for no reason.,,,,
Then I realized I was thinking of you. :)
With Love,

Someone remembers
someone cares..
ur name is whispered in somebody's prayers.
Keep the bright hope of sunshine in view,
someone is warmly thinking of You. .


Yaad rukti nahi rok pane se,
Dil rukta nahi kisi ke samjhane se.
Ruk jaaygi dhadkan tumhe bhool jane se,
Hum tumhe yaad kerte hai jine ke bahane se.

Unka ashiyana dil mein basa rakha hai,
Unki yadon ko seene se laga rakha hai,
Pata nahi yaad aate hain wohi kyun,
Vaise dost to hamne auron ko bhi bana rakha hai.

Unhe yeh shikwa hai ki hum unhe yaad karte hi nahi,
par unhe ye kaun samjaye ki hum unhe yad kaise kare
jinhe hum bhoolte hi nahi.

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