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Smile Sms and Smile Quotes

the second best thing to do with lips.

My SMILE... :)

Doesn't always mean "I m Happy...
Sometimes It Means
"I Can Manage ..."
Sometimes It Just Means
"I m Tired Of Crying...

"Smile" :)
Is se apna khoon badhata hai aur dusaron ka jalta hai

It creates goodwill and
a feeling of friendship.
A smile only takes a moment,
but its memory can last forever.
So share some smiles :)


Being sad don't solve ur is make ur problems be more...never give up and be strong and keep ur smile whatever happened.. :))

Smile is a cooling system of heart
Sparkling system of eyes
Lighting system of face
Relaxing system of mindSo,
activate all system

Keep All Your Troubles In Your Pocket

But Make Sure Your Pocket Has A Hole In it :P
kEEp sMiliNg ! :)


The Most BeautifuL SmiLe is When,,
You SmiLe..
You Remembered Someone
Who is Special..:)

If a person can make you smile
and laugh like you can never
imagined.. :)

Then for sure that person can
make you cry harder than what
you've ever imagined....... !!!

There is always sumone
in everyone's life.,
whose mood Affects your smile..!

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