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If a girl cares about you she'll get upset over little things and if you can't handle that, go for a hoe that doesn't care what you do

Silence is the girls loudest cry,you know she is really hurt when she starts ignoring you...

For a girl, every relationship starts with ''He's different'' and ends with ''He's just like the rest''

I wish we could donate body fat to those in need


How am I supposed to lose weight when the best part about life is food

I would lose weight but I hate losing ;)

Be a girl that can pay off her own bills and does not need a guy for it

Sexy is
when a woman has everything to flaunt, but chooses not to show it.


That really sad and wtf moment when you finally like a guy after a long time.. And he friendzone or sisterzone you

Treat your Lady with Respect bcoz one day You'll need Your Daughter to be treated the Same...:)

When a woman tells you about her problems it doesn't mean she's complaning...It means she trust you

A boy makes his girl jealous of other woman.. A gentleman make other women jealous of his girl..

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