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That time of the night when I ask myself ''Akhir Meri life jaa kidhar rahi hai?'' ._.

Neend aankh band karne se nai, wifi band karne se aati hai
Good Night

Every night, it's an endless battle between Sleep and The Internet. :) Good Night

I hate when my mind won't shut up when I'm trying to sleep .... :(
good nite :(


I got a feeling. . . . That tonight's gonna be a GOOD NIGHT ^_^

Dear Brain. Night time is for sleeping, not solving the world's problems. You understand?? ^.^

Dear brain ! will you stop thnking so much & let me sleep :D

is off to wrap myself up in my quilt and sleep like a marshmallow... Night All


I can't keep my eyes open, can't keep myself from yawning, my warm comfy bed is calling me, and I can't resist!! good night ,,,Zzzzzzzzz

is about to clock-out of reality and head to dream land,,,night night!

My brain is shutting down faster than my computer. Guess it is time to go to bed,,,

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