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Show ur friends and sweetheart that love is in the air with lovely love sms

I've notice that being with you,
I smile a little more often,.
I get angery a little less quickly,
the sun shines a little brighter,
and life is so much sweeter. Luv U

A guy who truly love his girl,
Doesn't need to unbutton her shirt
to get a better view of her heart..!


I would never be tired of you
even if I am with you all day long.
In fact I grow to like you
a little more every day.
I love you.

Hamara har lamha chura liya aapne,
Aankhon ko ik chand dikha diya aapne,
Hamein zindagi to di kisi aur ne,
Par pyaar itna dekar jeena sikha diya aapne..!!

A guy is possessive for his girl....
on two conditions...

-May be he loves her so much that he can't even see her with anyone except himself...

-Or may be..he doesn't trust her and
their love much and fears that she might walk away with someone else better than him


Promise Me That;
U will Not Love Any Other Girl after Me..!

I Love you but I can't Promise So..! :O

Girl (Crying):

Means you will have Someone in Ur Heart..! :(

Boy (Smiling):

The Girl I will Love after you,

Will Call you Mom... :)

....When i talk to you ,
i know the meaning of understanding....

....when i laugh with you ,
i know the meaning of happiness....
....when i touch you ,
i know the meaning of togetherness....


....whenever i'm with you ,
i know the meaning of love....

Ye msg Pyar karne walon k naam,

Heer paidal ja rahi thi ek ladka awaz deta hai:
Ae diwani piche mud k dekh,
Tera dupatta zameen se ghisa ja raha hai,
Heer jawab deti hai:
Ae diwane tu kya jane ye v
Apna farz nibha raha hai,
Koi chum na le mere kadmo ki mitti ko
"Ranjhe" ke siwa, isliye ye nishan mita raha hai.

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