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PEACE of MIND is available FREELY,
If we just Let go of 3 C's

Teacher 2 student: If u tel me "where is GOD", i'll reward u 100 rupees.

Student : n If u tell me "where GOD is not" i'l reward u 200Rs.

A Man saw a Poor Young Boy looking at his expensive Car.

He was in a good mood that day and so he offered him a drive

The Boy couldn't believe his luck and joined him

Boy: Car is marvelous…its so huge..What's the Cost ?

Man: I don't know Exactly..My Friend Gifted it

Boy: So Nice of Him

Man: I know what you are thinking..You also want to have a friend like him right?!

Boy: No, I want to BE THAT Friend …!!

Attitude Matters


We live in such a world where,

-If a guy is with 10 girlfriends he's a dude
And if a girl is with 2 friends who are boys
she's said to be a slut

-if a guy drinks he's cool and if a girl drinks
she's cheap

-if a guy is out for late nights he's asked by
people bout the plans for tonight and if a
girl is out she's been asked her rate for
one night

-A girl is expectd to forget a guy's past and
be with him
Where as if she speaks about her past
she's just a bitch to be played with.

-We live in a place where guys want their
sisters to be praised by the world and their
girlfriends who they can show off the

-A girl is not a thing, a girl is not a toy ,she
is priceless and a princess.

"Mother" May Be Educated Or
Uneducated :)
She is The Best Teacher
From Whom We can Learn how to Show Care & AffectiOn :)

Always try to be more sensitive
about Some one's feelings...
Some time a tear means Happiness
a Smile means Hurt...


Zindgi me jo chaho hasil kr lo?
Itna khayal rakhna K-
Apki manzil ka Rasta,
kabhi logon k Dilon ko Todta Huye Na

The Sweetness Of A Chocolate
Remains in The Tongue For A
The Sweetness Of A Person
Remains in The Heart For The Whole Life..!

The Most Tiring Thing To Do?
- Is To Think

The Most Expensive?
- Is To Smile

The Hardest To Regain?
- Is Trust

The Most Painful?
- Is Loss

The Easiest Escape?
- Is To Pretend

The Most Challenging?
- To Move On

The Bravest Thing To Do?
- Is To Love

The Most Effective Solution?
- Is To Pray...!!! :)

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