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Love image

Do you Love me There are no other opitons

Smile Love picture

Smile - It will make you look better. Love - It will help you to enjoy life more. Pray - It will keep you strong

Love wallpaper

Why am I so afraid to lose you? When you are not even mine

Love pics

Please, Hack my Heart. To love and be loved, that's everything.

Love scraps

In her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars. That is why I love her the way a drowning man loves air.

Love is about realizing the fact that an imperfect person can make one's life perfect. There comes a moment in the life when you are with a person and you feel like that everything has stopped & the life seems perfect. That person will definately your life perfect, so whatever you do, make sure you never lose that someone special. It happens instantly. You start liking a person and you don't know why. That is LOVE. So if you love someone with your heart & soul, tell them, otherwise, be prepared to watch them be loved by someone else. Love is mutual feeling, people think that 'I love you' are the best words to hear, but NO it is not. 'I love you too' are the best words.

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