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Eyes Miss-You Tears image

Come Back Miss You

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Waiting 4 the 1

Eyes Tears wallpaper

A tear is 99% feelings

Eyes Tears pics

Blood Tear

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Stop my tears

Tears are the words through which hearts expresses its feelings. .each drop of a tear is costlier than anything in the world. But, strangely, no one knows it's value until they have it in their own eyes for someone, who used be thier bets friend or loved ones. Because they say that if a person can make you smile and laugh like you can never imagined, then for sure that person can make you cry harder than what you've ever imagined. Just because someones eyes do not show tears, doesnt mean their heart don' t cry and they dont get hurt. They do get hurt, but they know how to their feelings deep within their hearts so the others don't get hurt. But always remember that it is more dangerous to weep inside than to weep in open. The open tear can easily be wiped away but secret tear create internal scars.

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