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Broken Heart Sms and Broken Heart Quotes

Some broken hearts may never mend. Some memories may never end

Sometimes you want someone so
that it kills you to imagine them
someone else. :(

It's Hard To Wait For Something When You Know It Will Never Be Yours...But
It's Even More Harder To Give Up When You Know It's The Only Thing You Ever Wanted :'(


Don't Trust too much.
Don't Hope too much
Don't LOVE too much.
Because that TOO MUCH can hurt you SO MUCH .. !!

The person whom u love the most
breaks ur heart and leaves

Even after years wen u see that person,
ur heart misses a beat..
Hard but TRUE. :(

Deepest love is the biggest
sorrow in the world..
Never love the person more than
it will hurt u alot
when u miss the


Between ten people, nine maybe
in love with you..

But, You'll fall in love exactly for that
one who doesn't love you... !!!

He met her after a long break up

He told her : Sorry, I've met a new one, I have a new girlfriend and another future
How about your life ?

She closed her eyes to hide her tears, Remembered all the memories she shared with him, She remembered how she shared his pain before his happy moments and how she refused many other boys just to stay with him..

She kept the remains of her pride and collected her force,
smiled and said : Sorry Sir, but do i know you ? ???? :)

Some people accidentally walk on your feet & apologize. While, others walk all over your heart and don't even realize!!

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