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कौन कहता है नेचर और सिग्नेचर कभी नहीं बदलता
बस एक चोट की दरकार है साहब,
ऊँगली पे लगेगी तो सिग्नेचर बदल जाएगा...
दिल पे लगेगी तो नेचर बदल जाएगा...!!!!

अपनी मंज़िल पे पहुँचना भी खड़े रहना भी
कितना मुश्किल है बड़े हो के बड़े रहना भी

घटिया लोगों की सबसे बड़ी पहचान यह है कि..
उन्हें आप जितनी ज्यादा इज्जत दोगे वे आपको उतनी ही ज्यादा तकलीफ देंगे...!!


Jaroori ye nahi ki her jang ko bas jeeta hee jaye...
Lazmi ye hai ki her haar se kuch seekha bhee jaye...

Today's Reality:

Big House,
but Small Family...

More Degrees,
but Less Common Sense...

Advanced Medicine,
but Poor Health...

Touched Moon,
but Neighbours Unknown...

High Income,
but Less Peace of Mind...

High IQ,
but Less Emotions...

Good Knowledge,
but Less Wisdom...

Lots of Human Beings,
but Less Humanity...

Costly Watches,
but No Time..!!!

एक कड़वा सच
शादी में कुवारे
और शवयात्रा में बूढ़े लोग
ज्यादा इस वजह से जाते है की दोनों को एक बात ही सताती है
हम नहीं गये तो हमारे कौन आयेगा !?


If you expect the world to be fair with you
because you're fair to them, it's like asking a lion
not to eat you because you don't eat lions..

Question: What is the difference between a girlfriend and a girl friend? Or a boyfriend and a boy friend?

Answer: The space between them.
Literally and figuratively :o)

Other people will let you down.
So forget them and do something for yourself.

Sometimes, people let us down intentionally.
These are the people who pretend to be your "friend."
They act like as if they are always there for you.

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