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Ye msg Pyar karne walon k naam,

Heer paidal ja rahi thi ek ladka awaz deta hai:
Ae diwani piche mud k dekh,
Tera dupatta zameen se ghisa ja raha hai,
Heer jawab deti hai:
Ae diwane tu kya jane ye v
Apna farz nibha raha hai,
Koi chum na le mere kadmo ki mitti ko
"Ranjhe" ke siwa, isliye ye nishan mita raha hai.

There is no Difference between
When u love a right person u r COMPLETE,
When u love a wrong person u r FINISHED...

12am = full battery , fresh minded, full dialogues rehearsed and ready ...

haina ..?? ;) :D


Khayal ko tere lafzon se bun kar jism se lapet lete hai
Hum kuch yun tere ehsaason ko khud me samet lete hai

Guy - Can I confess something?
Girl - Sure!
Guy - You've the prettiest smile
I`ve ever seen ?
Girl - Can I confess s0mething as
Guy - Yeahh.
Girl - This smile only exists
because 0f y0uu :)

Our Heart is the Biggest Greatest
Kameena in the world....
Sala usi ke liye Pareshan rahega jo Bhav nahi deti..


LOVE Is The other Name Of

If You Can't Respect Your Loved

Then You Don't Deserve to Be

In The Cruel World Of Love..

I've Learned That:

Promises Are Not CONTRACTS..

Kisses Are Not ASSURANCE..

Sweet Words Are Not GUARANTEES..

...Big Hugs Are Not BONDS..

And That Nothing Is Permanent In This Life..

Promise me you'll never forget all times we spent together
Promise me no one will take my place in your heart.

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