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Do Not keep all ur Work For Tomorrow ,,Always remember U Can Also Do It DAY AFTER 2MRW !!So, Enjoy Life!!Be lazy!!!! Think crazy !!!!:-)

Boys Sometimes Misunderstand The Frndship As Love !
Girls Always Misunderstand The Love As Frndship !

Simple Funda Of
~ S U C C E S S ~

P r a t i c e
As If You r The
W o r s t


P e r f o r m
As If You r The
B e s t ! !


strange but true-

when a girl takes care of a boy,he thinks its love ,,,but its friendship

when a boy take care of a girl,,, she thinks its friendship but its love.

If you can make a girl laugh - you can make her do anything.

Always Remember,Money is not Evrything in Life,
Make Sure u Earn Sufficient before Thinking Such Nonsense


Why the words

Needs an answer though we all know that its not a question!!

Never say I failed 1000 times,
Say That i discoverd 1000 ways that cAn cause failure- THOMAS EDISON

Moral- fail ho Jana, par Galti mat Manna!

B4 COMPUTERS entered our lives. MEMORY was something we Lost with Age,,,APPLICATION was for Employment,,, PROGRAM was a TV Show,,, KEYBOARD was a Piano,,, WEB was a Spider's Home.. VIRUS was the Flu,,, HARD DRIVE was a long Trip on d Road. And APPLE & BLACKBERRY were jst Fruits. Unbelievable changes:)

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