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Dedicated 2 some "spcl ppl" in "MY LIFE"..!
I say Crazy Things When I'm Hyper but don't do them..
I say Stupid Things When I'm Angry but don't mean them..
I say Hurtful Things When I'm Hurt but don't mean to hurt You..
I say Silly Things without thinking but laugh at myself later.. To all "MY
FRIENDS" who ignore my crazy stupid talks, my irritation when angry, laugh at my sillines.. FORGIVE ME IF I HAD EVER HURT YOU..THANKS FOR ACCEPTING ME..

Din Aate Hai, Din Jate Hai
Kuch Lamhe Aap K Bin Guzar Nahi Pate Hai
Inhi Lamho Ko Samet K Dekhu To
Aap Jaise Nalayak Dost Bahot Yaad Aate Hai

Dosti Kabhi Khas Logo Se Nahi Hoti;
Jinse Ho Jati Hai Wohi Khas Ban Jate Hain!


True frnds r like our upper n lower Eyelids :')

They often meet bcoz they miss each other,

And when they meet, they don't c the world around :')

Thats F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P !!

Jo Sabka Friend Hota Hai, Uska Koi Friend Nahin Hota..

Friends are those idiots who can be mean anytime and still make you feel good with their love.


Jab 'ISHQ' mein armaan jal jate hain,
Na jane log kyun badal jate hain,
Karna hum se DOSTI zara soch samjh kar,
Hum wafahon mein had se guzar jate hain...!!!

Tum kisi aur ke liye honge jaanu, sweet heart, darling, ya baby, babu.
Mere liye to tum Kutte the, Kamine ho aur Haramkhor hi rahoge..!! ;)

Somtimez we think why frndz keep forwardng msgs without talking to each other?

The reason is that, they have nothng to say but still want to remain in touch

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