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Attitude Sms and Attitude Quotes

Mujh Ko Bhi Be-Wafa Samjhta Hai.

Jane Woh Khod Ko Kia Samjhta Hai ! huh

Don't hate me bcoz i'm pretty hate me bcoz ur bf thinks so.

Levels of Attitude

Boy : Hi !! :)

Girl (showing attitude) : Do I know you -_-

Boy (in COOL TONE) : Teri itni aukaat kahan B) :D


When world gives you thousand of reasons to cry,,, show them that you have have millions of reasons to smile

Attitude Statement of the decade

"I got 150 Questions in exam saying to solve any 100.!!!

I Solved All 150 and wrote - CHECK ANY 100!!!!! :-p

"I'm not totally useless, I can still be used as an example of uselessness!"

Dats attitude!


I never worry about people who are so quick to point out problems. Usually, they aren't so quick to do something to solve them.

I like the People like you
who like others like me.
Make the others like me to like you
Read it again it's wonderful.

I don't know why I did it, I don't know why I enjoyed it, and I don't know why I'll do it again.

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