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Funny Status

A Pizza is Just a Paratha That Went Abroad For Higher Education.

Marriage Status

Chess says everything about men & women.
The King has to take things one step at a time,while the Queen can do whatever the hell she wants...!

Inspirational Status

It's never too late to be what you might have been.

Facebook Status updates have now become a daily routine to express ourselves and to keep in touch with friends, these Facebook status are also used on WhatsApp for updates as well as for Messages to friends. We have all kind of Statuses, top categories include Attitude Status, Funny Status, Love and broken heart, and of course friendship status etc.

Sms and Messages for Mobile messaging

Shayari Sms

Bari mushkil me hoon kaise izhar kru,
Wo to khushbu hai use kaise girftar kru
Uski mohhabt par mera haq nahi lekin,
Dil karta hai akhri saans tak uska intizaar kru....

Hubby-Wife Sms

Husband- dubai ja raha hu...
Wife- mere liye jewellery lana...

Husband- singapore ja raha hu....
Wife- mere liye cosmetics lana...

Husband- london ja raha hu...
Wife- perfumes leke aana...

Husband- narak mein ja raha hu...
Wife- Bhagwan ka diya sub kuch hai...
Bas tum apna khyal rakhna..!!!

Friendship Sms

Somtimez we think why frndz keep forwardng msgs without talking to each other?

The reason is that, they have nothng to say but still want to remain in touch

SMS or Messages are a short and sweet way to communicate with our friends and family. These Messages convey more then their content, because they express the desire to keep in touch. SMS show that we are thinking about that person and he/she has a place in our heart and life. Messages create a kind bounding in relationships.

Marathi Sms and Marathi Messages

Marathi Status and messages to put your thoughts and feelings in your mother tongue. It is outdated to update your status in English only, now is the time to be proud of being a Marathi Manus and use Marathi language on Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter and Google+. We have specially added Aai (a Marathi word for Mother) and Kavita (Poem) as SMS category.

ASCII Text Art

ASCII text arts are very unique and simple yet very creative way of expression. One can make different kind of beautiful designs with ASCII characters. These text arts can be small, large, simple or complex. ASCII sketches can be used in every medium because they just use ASCII char code. Animals, Flowers, designs, words can be created by ASCII text.